This benchmark has been performed using two linux machines connected via 100Mbit twisted pair wire.

Client machine configuration:

  • Linux 2.6.25
  • ext3 partition on 7200rpm hard disk
  • 1Gbit network adapter
  • SSHFS 2.1
  • FUSE 2.7.4
  • FUSE kernel interface version 7.8
  • nfsutils 1.1.0
  • portmap 6.0

Server machine configuration:

  • Linux 2.4.26
  • ext3 partition on 5400rpm hard disk
  • 100Mbit network adapter
  • nfsutils 1.0.7
  • portmap 5.0
Write means transmission from client to server. Read means transmission from server to client. In both cases transmission was initialized from client. During "8G" test, there was transferred single eight Gigabytes large file. During "1.38" test, there were used over 48 thousands files that total size was nearly 1.38 Gigabytes. SSHFS was mounted with default settings.
write 8G file 26.90 [Mbps] 60.96 [Mbps]
1.4G (48kFiles) 15.42 [Mbps] 13.77 [Mbps]
read 8G file 25.72 [Mbps] 77.37 [Mbps]
1.4G (48kFiles) 19.58 [Mbps] 47.41 [Mbps]
All tests were made twice, results presented above are averages of two observations (but observations results were very close each time). The Machines used to perform this benchmark have not been loaded with heavy, additionaly jobs. Local network also has not been loaded with another transmissions.

As we can see on result's table, speed performance of SSHFS and NFS is similar only for writing large count of files. In other cases file transmission using NFS is much faster.